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          Import volume of strategic sugarcane, citrus pesticides increases in 2019 in Brazil

          Word:[Big][Middle][Small] 2020/3/18     Viewed:    
          In 2019, the import volume of generic pesticides for strategic use on sugarcane, such as amicarbazone, clomazone, diuron + hexazinone, fipronil, glyphosate, imidacloprid, sulfentrazone and tebuthiuron, increased by 14.4% on average.

          The import of all the herbicides mentioned above increased except for Tebuthiuron, whose import volume, due to problems in China, fell by 50%.

          Generic pesticides for strategic use on citrus crops also showed growth, even higher than sugarcane. In 2019, the total import volume of abamectin, bifenthrin, diuron, sulfur, glyphosate, imidacloprid and copper oxychloride increased on average by 15.3% compared to 2018.
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