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          Products' Packing
          About us

          Hefei Finest Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

          Hefei Finest Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer & exporter for agrochemical products, was established in 2001. We are engaged in supplying off-patent agrochemicals which including Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Rodenticides and PGR to our global partners. Perfect technical teams, professional chemical products, logistic service, strict quality control, high effective registration support and satisfied after-sales service is our strong advantage and your guarantee. Our main markets covered Latin American and African, such as Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guyana, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Gabon, Ghana, etc. The annual export turnover has reached over 90 million US Dollars in the year of 2019.

          We insist on the policy of Quality the First. We have passed ISO9001: 2000 quality authorization and ISO14001: 1996 environment control system.

          Hefei Finest Chemical Co., Ltd. would like to build a long-term and reliable business relationship with all the customers in the world. We are willing to act as your good partner and provide good quality products based on the most competitive prices and excellent service.

          Lab Center
          Contact us


          Office Add: Room No. 3A-2004, Bo’Ao Liyuan, No. 398, Huanhu East Road, Hefei City, China

          Plant Address: Shuangfeng Industry Park, Hefei City, china

          Tel: +86 551 65327102

          Fax: +86 551 65327175

          Email: xhc@hffinest.com; shaojiang98@hotmail.com


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